Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sprouting seeds at home

When my friend began to sprouting seeds I thought it should be too complicated and I never will do it with my busy schedule. Now I know it is really easy and takes only 5 min a day.
You need a glass jar and sprouting seed mix (I am using glass jar method, there are may others too).
Soak 1 tbs of seeds overnight. Here you can see my seeds I began sprouting yesterday -
 In the morning rinse the seeds 4-5 times and cover with mesh cloth or piece of muslin. I am using pads my dentist gave my last time after tooth extraction. Put a jar in horizontal position with a little tilt so the exceed water will come out.
 And that's it! Just rinse the seeds twice a day. Those are 3 days seeds sprouts.

I usually wait 4 days and than make a salad! 3 days sprouts are still yellow and tomorrow they will be nice and green. Try it, it is easy and enjoy!

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