Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvest Monday - March 5, 2012

This is my first year of gardening.
I am so happy I found Daphne's Dandelions our host of Harvest Monday ! All the friends can see what's going on in our Veggie Gardens!

This winter I plan some of the mesclun mix inside  and did not pay attention what will grow, until a garden bug bite me a month ago. :)
One of these plants seems to feel very well. It mas arugula, cress, endive, radicchio or lettuce in the mix.
 Could please help me identify it?


  1. I love growing greens. They grow so well and so easily. I am always amazed at how much they cost in the store. $6 for a small bag seems a bit much. Growing these in abundance always make me feel like I am saving a few pennies and getting the most out of my raised beds.

    Have a great day!

  2. Looking great! Good luck with your upcoming gardening season.

  3. Cute little garden. Good luck- and welcome aboard!

  4. Thank you everybody! I am so excited to begin gardening!

  5. What a great start to your gardening year. The small leaved ones are probably cress, tho it's hard to tell in the pic, they also look like cilantro and parsley. The wide leaved ones could be arugula or lettuce of some sort. Taste them; spicey, it's arugula, mild, it's lettuce.

  6. Welcome to gardening :) I hope you have a great first year!