Monday, March 26, 2012


I am so afraid!
Tonight should be -5C/23F
This is my first frost I will be dealing with.... and I have some strawberries with blooms.
So I covered them, and than I covered my greens with cloche I found in basement, from previous owners.....
and I also found some plastic sheets and cover all other strawberries that are not blooming but in case....
and than I got some gallons plastic bottles without bottom and put them on cannas and other green stuff I have in garden.
I hope you will stay alive. Let sing Bee Gees with me!


  1. I think you will be fine covering with a heavy row cover or sheet should do the trick. I am in the same boat.


  2. If anything gets frost on it, just get the water hose and spray it down before the sun gets out and on the plant! It will keep them from dying.