Monday, February 18, 2013

Orchids relocation

I woke up today, look at my schedule, went next to my orchids shelf and saw the humidity is 36 again.
It is so low for orchids, and I wonder how everything needs our time and hands!
When I am busy with work, I can not do gardening, when I do something with seedlings, I can not find time for houseplants! How to be more organized?

 So, no work this morning, I decided to relocate orchids to a bedroom on the small greenhouse. My husband was....agreed......

First I gave them a good shower, cold and than hot.

 2 humidity trays under the shelf will help to keep the good condition, I hope.
The small orchid one friend gave me to care for with only 2 leaves and one normal root is starting to grow at last, 3 new leaves and 3 new green roots!
I guess it can be better with proper temp/humid. level.

Only one orchid is blooming this month, small unnamed Phalaenopsis , and one has stack with blooms.
I hope they will all feel better.
I just need to find time for everything I want!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Growing cucumbers indoors

My experiment of growing cuces indoors.
I started them 1/1, 4 Straight 8 and 4 homemade pickle.

This is my beauty 6 weeks later!
I transplanted them today in bigger pots and added bone meal for roots.
I guess I will be starting my regular cuces on Apr.1 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow storm Nemo

No garden, no roads, no cats outside, nothing ,
only white snow cover!
Doors are blocked!
This door from the garage is opening inside,  the snow next to the door is 19 in, and farther about 26 in!

 A lot of work today!
 This is a driveway, was a driveway.......

My Honda Odyssey and a garden behind.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Greens update

I started my Greens early this year, as experiment. Most of them are new for me, last year I planted only kale red russian, pack choi and mizuna from seeds.

On 1/1/2013 I put the seed in cell tray, in a month they looked like this -

I transplanted them in individual pots to see how they will do.

This is Kale Starbor from Johnnyseeds.

 We are raw vegan, I love to eat kale, I hope to have more this year.
"The finely curled, dark blue-green leaves can be harvested with one cut instead of being stripped off the plant one at a time, as kale is traditionally harvested. The compact plants, produce leaves that are very uniform, resist yellowing, and have good flavor."
 Kale Redbor - "Similar to Winterbor but purple-red. Redness and curling are enhanced by cold weather. For garnishing. "

Will see this one growing!
 Komatsuna garden giant -" Broad purple leaves with slightly toothed margins. Color appears early on young leaves. Mild flavor. Best for baby leaf as it is quick to bolt."
Right now they looks perfect, can't wait to eat them!
 Purple Mizuna - "Leaves are mostly green with purple margins at baby stage, while mature plants are purple tinged all over. More delicate appearance than Mizuna. Plants are very slow to bolt. Mild flavor."
 Left to right - komatzuna summer fest - "Japanese greens for salad and braising mixes. Uniform, upright plants with slender, fleshy, rounded green stems and dark green, rounded leaves. Good heat tolerance. "

Napa cabbage minuet - I see some leaf damage and wonder what's it?

Collard Georgian  - last year I bought seedlings from homedepot, thay stand the whole year.

Pack Choi black summer
"Broad, flat, light green petioles are topped with oval dark green leaves. Forms a perfect thick vase shape even when small."

Now let's go to the basement where my grow lights are.

 Cucumbers - straight 8 and homemade pickles, I wanted to grow them inside.
 Kohlraby early vienna
 Komatsuna red , again for Johnny's seeds -  "Beautiful addition to salads or micro mix. Upright plants with rounded leaves and green stems. Color will be darker when sown in summer and harvested in fall."

Kale dwarf blue curled

 My peppers - the tallest are Banana peppers
 Lettuce mix
 All other asian greens
 Greens on windowsill,  cilantro
 And the snow storm outside
 Cilantro again, just love it, it is very good to remove heavy metals from the body
 Basil, not from seeds, I bought some from the grocery store.

Dill and scallions.

Where are you spring?