Monday, February 18, 2013

Orchids relocation

I woke up today, look at my schedule, went next to my orchids shelf and saw the humidity is 36 again.
It is so low for orchids, and I wonder how everything needs our time and hands!
When I am busy with work, I can not do gardening, when I do something with seedlings, I can not find time for houseplants! How to be more organized?

 So, no work this morning, I decided to relocate orchids to a bedroom on the small greenhouse. My husband was....agreed......

First I gave them a good shower, cold and than hot.

 2 humidity trays under the shelf will help to keep the good condition, I hope.
The small orchid one friend gave me to care for with only 2 leaves and one normal root is starting to grow at last, 3 new leaves and 3 new green roots!
I guess it can be better with proper temp/humid. level.

Only one orchid is blooming this month, small unnamed Phalaenopsis , and one has stack with blooms.
I hope they will all feel better.
I just need to find time for everything I want!