Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter greenhouse - green peas, asian greens and onion

The last snow, actually the second big snow
this season was heavy, about 12 inches and more.

 I came outside to clean the greenhouse roof, just gently shaking the film from inside and the snow slowly was sliding down.

The best of them are kale, parsley, chard and tat soi.
The weakest plants are cabbages and kohlrabi.

 Every day I am snipping some of the green leaves. I can't tell they are growing, but staying healthy.

Some day ago I prepared a part if the bed for early green peas, the temperature inside can rise till +50F.

Today I planted peas and some radishes.

 Leek, young onions and garlic are doing good too.

Some of the asian greens are preparing to bloom, to cold.


  1. Things are looking good there in the greenhouse! My plants aren't growing much in mine either, but they are green and edible, like yours. My arugula is blooming, no doubt due to cold like you said.

  2. Thank you Dave! I am so happy I build this one. Do you cover your greens with row cover too? do you have black plastic buckets there to warm?