Saturday, April 2, 2016

Orchids reanimation in mini glass greenhouse

I have had health issue and a lot of plants died......
My orchids also have large scales problem.
Recently I found time and effort to fix it.

Re-potting orchids brought some joy and some problems - some of them almost have to roots.
At least I started to number them and make records.

 Phalaenopsis orchid #5 is big, with huge green leaves and no roots,

 but there are a lot of black root buds (they suppose to be green, but it is a good sign that we have them).

 Phalaenopsis orchid #7 has only 2 small and soft leaves but some roots.

There is a portable hospital for sick orchids - old fish tank. Broken old clay pots on the bottom, followed with perlite, aragonite and sphagnum moss.

The weather is wet and humidity in room is 50%, temp +19C. I think it is low for sick orchids.

 I added warm water to the bottom of the tank, put a mug with boiling water, misted the moss with warm water, added clear plastic sheet on the top with 2 lamps - one daylight and one - regular to add warms.

The temp and humidity are starting to rise.
84% ans 21C

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