Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kale and others update

On Jan.21  I transplanted some blue dwarf kale,
they are doing well, getting stronger, evryone has 4 true leaves.

They all now under the grow lights.

 Today I also transplanted 11 new redbor kale, I hope they will catch up.
 Asian greens under the grow light.
 Baby rutabaga
 On 1/2/2013 – I started some peppers, earlier than last year. Sweet banana, Ca wonder, Ca wonder orange, Carnaval, Giapponele. 
Last year I started them at the end of February and they all was too small.
 Turnips purple top
 Lettuce mix

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Harvest Monday January 21, 2013

Monday was a holiday so I completely forgot to work!

I am still harvesting my greens from the garden, they doing well under the snow and cover.

I also grow some greens inside - there is parsley and basil - parsley from seeds, basil - store bough bunch with roots, adopted in a container.

Yesterday I made a pretty colorful raw salad

red cabbage
green apple
pumpkin seeds
my parsley

dressing of your choice - I used olive oil, rice vinegar, salt, pepper

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Transplanting kale

There is a snow again and I am thinking about spring.
there are my young kale seedlings - kale dwarf blue curled vates.
I love kale, especially I got a new dehydrator, kale chips are awesome!

I started kale and peppers at the same day and now kale is getting big for a seed tray.
 This type of kale can be harvest all winter  in my zone 6.
I hope.
Other names - Vates Dwarf, Blue curled Scotch, Dwarf Scotch.
"Matures in 55 days."
So about 2 month, I do not know, at the end of the march I will probably transplant them in a garden.

Not very impressive? Thin and leggy yet..... In a week I will give the good fish spray!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Expanding the garden

Garden rush!
Today was pretty warm, so I went out side and made 2 more raised beds.
This season I am expending my garden from 38x33 ft to 60x 43 , almost double size!
I really need more space for root vegetable, last year I didn't grow them,   for berries, for peppers and more.

And I am really worrying that I will be low in soil. I am using old brick for raises beds,
and homemade leaf and kitchen scrap compost.

There will be a small bed - cold frame.
 I will use it for seedling.
That's how it looks like, I raked the soil, arranged 2 rows of bricks,
put first layer of leafs and wooden sticks,
that the leaf mold I was stored in black garbage bags,
that the old black plastic and old window frame.

I hope in 2 month the soil under the plastic and glass will became rich compost, I will probably add some top soil.
See you in 2 month good soil!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Harvest Monday January 14, 2013 and New Project

My harvest today -  not everyday bunch of greens, but  rosemary!
We are eating a lot of greens now, most of them from the garden, the weather is so warm!

 Because of the warm days I decided to clan on of the beds with my overwintered swiss chard, add hoops and make at least one hoop covered bead.
I transplanted a lot of my chards and broccoli that were slowly growing in my cold room over the garage.

On this photo - right - red chard is just transplanted and green chard on the left is overwintered without frost protection.

I hope all of them will feel better in a rich garden soil.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Old New Year!

There is a russian old tradition - Old New Year!
Many years ago there was an Julian Calendar in Russia, the new Gregorian  Calendar was started only on 14 February 1918.

As I see in Wiki the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian in Catholic countries beginning in 1582.

Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) has been used only for some Holidays like New Year. Even today almost 100 years after calendars replacement we still celebrate 2 New Years.

So Happy New Year Friends!!!!!!!!!!

There you can see my raw fruit cake - banana-sunflower cream,  papaya, clementine, grapes, strawberry, celery and coconut "frosting"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DYI Grow Light under $20

Last year I did not have grow lights an some of my seedlings were leggy. So I decided to give me and my little friends a present - grow light!
Instead of buying an expensive grow light kit I found-

1 - Lithonia Lighting 2-Light White T8 Fluorescent Residential Shop Light $12.97

2 - Philips Daylight Deluxe 40-Watt Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb (2-Pack) $6.97

As you see the total is 19.94

 This is my basement, on the photo the room is darker than in real life. The lamp has a cord so I did not have to wire or make other difficult installations.
there also chains to hang the lamp, I only needed 2 hooks.

The whole process took about 10 minutes, I am thinking about getting another one.

This is my radish all white - long but strong legs and healthy plants.
 There are my turnips that I started without lights 2 weeks ago, they looks week and leggy, but I hope they will be better.
Peppers under the light! I wish them to be really big and healthy before garden transplanting.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indoor garden - green peas and amaryllis

As a New Year started I began to feel more and more garden addictive.
Every day instead of working I am thinking about new plants I can grow and new seeds I can start.
It seems to be not good for business, but I hope I find a good harmonic solution.

So today I was planting my new amaryllis bulbs and green peas.

My first amaryllis - "Souvereign" - opende his first beautiful red flower today. Almost for my birthday! I new it!
 Pre-soaked green peas are ready for planting.  I hope they will be good indoor.

And new bulbs are soaking in water. I got them for my birthday from Edensblooms


I am not expecting all of them to bloom this season.

 Those are super snappy green peas, my first time to grow them.

Look at this little one! The bulb is only 2 inches and this one can not wait to bloom. 
All new plants!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life under the snow or Harvest Monday 1/7/2013

It is such a nice day!
Snow is still everywhere!
 All the beds are covered with white blankets.

 The same bed after careful digging.

Baby greens in cold frame.
 Mizuna and bok choi
Tat soy rosette.

 Lettuce under the cover.

Boc Choi

And there is today's harvest - one daykon radish and a lot of greens!

All of them look so fresh and full of vitamins.

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