Sunday, January 20, 2013

Expanding the garden

Garden rush!
Today was pretty warm, so I went out side and made 2 more raised beds.
This season I am expending my garden from 38x33 ft to 60x 43 , almost double size!
I really need more space for root vegetable, last year I didn't grow them,   for berries, for peppers and more.

And I am really worrying that I will be low in soil. I am using old brick for raises beds,
and homemade leaf and kitchen scrap compost.

There will be a small bed - cold frame.
 I will use it for seedling.
That's how it looks like, I raked the soil, arranged 2 rows of bricks,
put first layer of leafs and wooden sticks,
that the leaf mold I was stored in black garbage bags,
that the old black plastic and old window frame.

I hope in 2 month the soil under the plastic and glass will became rich compost, I will probably add some top soil.
See you in 2 month good soil!

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