Monday, June 15, 2015

Harvest Monday 6/15/2015 - Chive blossom vinegar

This week is a chive blossom vinegar !

 Chives in full bloom.

Chives flowers

 Chives and white grain vinegar.

Vinegar after a week in a dark place.

Bonus- my first peony in the same color palette!

Please visit : Daphne’s Dandelions “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest or how they are using their harvests for the week.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

DIY grow bags tutorial for zucchini, potatoes or sweet potatoes

My garden is in partial shade and the sunniest part I have here is a large deck, but most of the plants require a lot of growing space.
I was thinking about making grow bags, in a fast and  inexpensive way.
I have black garden fabric from Costco,  it is 48" wide.

Step 1. Cut a square 48x48"
Step 2. Cut in half.

Step 3. Sew the rim on long side.


Step 4. Sew side and bottom.

 Grow bag in process.
 Step 5. Making "ears".
I called them "ears". Fold the bag.

Make the folds and sew them.

Step 6. Turn the bag inside out

 and grow!
 I transplanted 2 of my zucchini.

The finished bag from 48x24" peace of fabric is
14x14x14 inches or about 12 gallons.
It took me 30 minutes to sew 6 bags