Thursday, March 10, 2016

71 F outside! Greens are moving

It is really 71 F today, and tomorrow will be a good day.
I am sure it is not the spring yet, but so many thing suppose to be done.

So I am moving greens - from cells to greenhouse, from greenhouse to sunny spots outside.

Cabbages (earliana) moved to greenhouse bed.

 So did kohlrabi early white.

All overwintered in a greenhouse aisan greens moved to sunny bed outside.

 Green peas moved from cells to open space, under the row cover.
 Overwintered  parsley plants are very happy on sunny side next to strawberry.

 Meantime the spring is coming -

chives are popping out.

and crocuses

Monday, March 7, 2016

Recent clean up with wood shaving

I continued the clean up today -

Moving raised beds, added compost, limestone.
I rearrange all the beds from north to south.  It is easy with bricks. And the walkways suppose to be wide, almost 30 inches. I am fighting the shade and hope the plants will not shade each other this year.
The wood shaving on the walkways. The white color will not warm the soil, so I use it only on walkways.
 New shelf's inside the greenhouse.