Friday, March 2, 2012

New in Gardening

I am really new in gardening, but I have it in my blood, all my parent and grand-grand-grand parents were gardeners.When I was a child I had to help my grands in vegetable garden and I HATED it! There was so much more interesting stuff to do! but weeding, no! checking the big potato filed for insects, no!
Now I am bit older and it seems I started enjoying gardening by myself!
Last year I began with 2 raised beds with herbs, squashes and 2 unnamed bushes of tomatoes. It was very interesting, so this year I decided to plant more veggies.
When we bought the house 3 years ago, we found a big pile of bricks on the backyard. I want to use them. Last year I planted only 2 beds, this year my project will be more than 10 beds, if I will get enough health to do it. :)

The beds may be not very nice now, it only a February, but I hope in 2-3 month the garden will be green.
I am new in gardening, so please add your comments! Thank you!


  1. What a smart way to use all those extra bricks! Itlooks good already! I must say that I LOVE the woods in the background! It reminds me of home when I was growing up. Now my wife and I live in the city. Yuck!

  2. Thank you! I live in the woods and there is a lot of shade in my yard. I am trying to use all sunny spots.