Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Russian Kale - is not Russian?

Today I planted my Kale outside, it is Red Russian Kale and I wonder why it is called like that?

 I asked and it seems that nobody in central Russian knows about kale at all. Why it called that? only after the red color? Because Soviet Union associated with red color?  Interesting part. Please leave your comments if you know something - I am just curious!
My bricks garden getting better, as I think, I added more raised beds, I just need more compost!
I am trying so hard to get even more!
The compost that I put on my 2 first beds last year turned to such a good soil! black and reach!
so I definitely will composting again and again. Some beds are covered with black plastic so the composting process will be finished. I hope I will get the good soil till it will be time to plant tomatoes and peppers!


  1. Here is a very good person to ask! I follow her blog, she seems to know everything about Kale:


  2. Actually it was called russian kale before soviet union was formed - it was kale that came from russia and it had a red tinge on if picked after frost :)

    so which part of russia are you from? :)

  3. Interesting! thank you, I am from central part, Moscow and my parents are from Vladimir, 250km north, the folks there have round cabbage not loose leaves like kale or collard.
    I like your raised beads! So solid and nice looking!

  4. ah, gotcha. I'm from Ukraine originally and while we had kale we didn't eat it - regular cabbage was for people and kale was for animal feed pigs and horses ;)