Friday, March 23, 2012

Another warm day to plant!

Today was another very productive garden day. I had to pick up kids from school early (conferences days) and be with them outside.
 So we planted 3 red currant bushes - sticks.
I like those berries from my childhood. and actually all of my relatives have had a lot of black currants but not red currants! I used to sit on the chair next to a big black currant bush and harvested berries not in a pot in a big 12 liters bucket!
it was so boring when you were 10 or 12!

I started with red currants, each cane has some of the white (yet) buds. I planted them in my compost soil with some of the bone meal.
 The photo is not clear but there are 5-6 living buds!
 I also planted 50 strawberries that I got yesterday by post. All  of them are very small, but with big roots, I hope we will be friends.

There is my strawberry spiral bed.
I also planted 2 blackberry, 9 raspberry, 2 mulberry, and transplanted some of leeks and swiss chard.
I lost so many calories working!

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