Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eggplants, zucchini and more

It seems that "summer" is over and there is spring again, only 60F.
but my little green friends can not wait!
Do you see what I see - little flowers!
Those my zucchini black beauty
 I love zucchini and hope to get a good harvest.

My Kentucky Beans. I am going to hang them from the balcony except from using stacks.

I see that my tomatoes are doing pretty well after I transplanted them in individual pots with compost and bone meal. There are growing 3rd real leaf now.
There is a biggest one - beefsteak. All those warm days there are outside on my balcony, fresh air, sun and about 45F at night!

But eggplants and peppers are very slowly. I hope that transplanting will help. So today I was transplanting my little eggplants (long purple).

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  1. I think we are gonna have a big harvest this year do to the extremely warm weather!