Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Russian sauerkraut - kislaya kapusta

I like to cook but I never made sauerkraut, and I mother-in-law is a very good in this. So, I decided to be a good girl, learn from her, and not last - fermented food is very healthy, very powerful natural probiotic, and very helpful with digestion.

 I do not have a recipe- just 2 cabbages, 2 carrots and 1/2 cup cranberries and salt.
My mother-in-law can not tell me how much salt I need,  it should be not just salty but a little bit bitter.
So I put ma be 2-3 rounded tbs of salt.
Shredded cabbage and carrot should be mushed with hands very hard, so it will be moistened and  juicy.

I put cabbage in a glass jar, I have one 3.2l
and smash down to eliminate air. I put a glass with water on the top of the cabbage as a weight, covered with paper towel and put and plastic bowl under the jar. The juice may come over the top.

Now I have to wait 3 days, each day I have to make a long hole with a wooden stick (do not use metal), to make an air and juice come out.
After 3 days it should be ready and refrigerated.
Will see......


  1. My grandfather and grandmother were German and I remember eating kraut with everything!

  2. Oh yes! My grands were eating kraut very often especially in winter. and they made it not in jars, but in wooden barrels.

  3. Mom always used to make it in a barrel for winter. She always did marinated tomatoes, pickles, salted mushrooms (gruzdy) and many other yummy goodies. Wish I had her recipies now.