Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indoor garden - green peas and amaryllis

As a New Year started I began to feel more and more garden addictive.
Every day instead of working I am thinking about new plants I can grow and new seeds I can start.
It seems to be not good for business, but I hope I find a good harmonic solution.

So today I was planting my new amaryllis bulbs and green peas.

My first amaryllis - "Souvereign" - opende his first beautiful red flower today. Almost for my birthday! I new it!
 Pre-soaked green peas are ready for planting.  I hope they will be good indoor.

And new bulbs are soaking in water. I got them for my birthday from Edensblooms


I am not expecting all of them to bloom this season.

 Those are super snappy green peas, my first time to grow them.

Look at this little one! The bulb is only 2 inches and this one can not wait to bloom. 
All new plants!

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