Monday, January 21, 2013

Transplanting kale

There is a snow again and I am thinking about spring.
there are my young kale seedlings - kale dwarf blue curled vates.
I love kale, especially I got a new dehydrator, kale chips are awesome!

I started kale and peppers at the same day and now kale is getting big for a seed tray.
 This type of kale can be harvest all winter  in my zone 6.
I hope.
Other names - Vates Dwarf, Blue curled Scotch, Dwarf Scotch.
"Matures in 55 days."
So about 2 month, I do not know, at the end of the march I will probably transplant them in a garden.

Not very impressive? Thin and leggy yet..... In a week I will give the good fish spray!

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  1. You're really getting an early start with your seed growing which is great. I haven't heard of kale chips from using a dehydrator but I think that's a great idea! I imagine they taste really good.