Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Greenhouse film update - crazy winter weather

Yesterday was 10F and snow, today 54F and rain, in the middle (night) freezing rain.

 I was very concerned about my new greenhouse film, I was able to cover my greenhouse only this November and we got only 3-4 snowfalls this winter. 
 I got the sheeting from greenhousemegastore.com, this is not a household plastic, and suppose to hold more pressure,  but I still do not know how long it may last.

This morning I came outside to make some photos of ice and snow on the film - there is solid 1 inch ice cover on the roof.

 The temperature inside was even lower than outside, and the plastic were covered with thin ice too.
I tried to gently shake the plastic to make the ice slide down, from the lowest square. I totally have the roof divided to 4 squares.

The roof itself is 24 feet long and about 6 feet on the side. My greenhouse stands on the slope and  the walls are 4 feet on front and 6 feet on the back. I can barely reach the top on the back with my broom. 
The greens - Asian tat soi is pretty healthy under the row cover.

Please comment with your winter greenhouse experience! I am a new gardener and would appreciate any advice!

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