Friday, March 1, 2013

March garden update

March garden looks very scary!
 We still have a lot of snow after the storm Nemo.
Today I cleaned some of the beds.

 Tatsoy rosette looks good, only some of the outer leaves are damaged.
 Swiss Chard bed, char and tatsoy are Ok, mitzuna and lettuce were dead.
 Kale bed was under the heavy snow, all of the plant were on the ground, I tied them to bamboo poles. I hope I can harvest them again.

There are kale blue curved and nero toscana.

 The bed under the hoop house is good, swiss chard, rosemary, broccoli and red cabbage.
I transplanted komatsuna and parsley to this bed.
 Greens under the glass are good, small but good. There should be radishes, turnips, spinach, cilantro.

Back inside the house: dill
 Swiss chard and green shallots.

 Green peas, celery from seeds, parsley and basil.

Cucumbers are blooming like crazy!
Can you see one?

 I have 8 of them inside, just to try. At least I am eating male flowers.

 Mustard and rutabaga.
 Basement seedlings - tomatoes and napa cabbage
 More peppers.
 First tomatoes - tiny tim.
Cold top room -  Spinach
 Swiss chard, cauliflower and asian greens

 Kale, rutabaga and asian greens.

 Rutabaga close up.
 Kale drawf blue curled.
 Mostly Mituna
 Kale starbor and redbor.
 More greens - mustard, asian greens.
 Bock choy
Swiss chard.

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  1. Ahh ... just makes me happy
    to see all these photos.