Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deers, currant and other sings of springs

I am gardening everyday, I can not wait till real sping comes!

 And when I am not gardening, I am working in my office and observing wild life around :)
One brave deer!
2, no, 3 brave deers came looking for some greens.

What a beauty!
I love them! The only time I hate them, when my hostas are big and yummy.
 I cleaned the red currant place today. Last year I got 3 2-years cuttings. so it will be 3rd year plants now. They look like dry twigs, but when I cleaned some mulch I saw - yes, green buds!

 One more happy bed, I added it yesterday.
I am expanding!
 Strawberries are alive, need cleaning.

 I also made 2 new small beds on the outer north side and now I am thinking what to plant there? some shade lovers?
And deer-prof, may be rosemary?

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  1. On your strawberries are growing green leaves. This is good! Much will be available soon, and flowers, and berries! )))