Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is fast, working hard

About 50 outside! I am so excited to be outside!
This is my 2 days report.

Planted all the carrots (paper towel mats, 3 days, almost all seed germinated). You can see some paper towel mats are covered with compost and some are not.

also planted a lot of radishes, regular and Asian variety. My overwintered tatsoi is ready to bolt, I am harvesting it now.

 My friend is adding a room to the house, she has a lot of dirt after digging, so we brought some bins of soil in a future greenhouse. I will mi it with my compost. I never had enough compost!

Frame of the hoop house is almost done, but I am too busy with other stuff like plating and cleaning than building now.
 A llok at the garden - green in a cold frame.
 First peas - planted on March 10.
 Onion Stuttgarter planted today.
 Strawberries are alive - so nice!. I transplanted them in the middle of the winter.
 Some brassicas are ready to transplant.
 All of them in place.
 Look at those roots!
Napa cabbage Munuet
 4 of them are very good, I hope the weather will be not cold for them.


 Kale blue dwarf

Today was a big clean-up day.
This was a End of the Garden Mess - actually raspberry patch. A lot of fall leaves were collected there. And rocks, and twigs....

I cleaned everything, checked all the raspberry (I have 2nd year transplants), pruned them, added compost.

Is it the same place?
I also added trellis support.
 And those are new guys in the garden!
 Raspberry jewel
 Black currants behind the raspberries.

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