Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Now I can see The Spring!

The weather is getting better, I am so excited!
So it is official spring clean-up time.

The daffodils bed before
 ... and after!

Now I see they are alive.

I also cleaned some leaves, pruned some shrubs.....oh, so much to do!

I also worked on seed mats with morning.
I marked the board with 2x2 and 3x3. I do not like the idea to use glue, I just divided paper towel in 2 pieces and sprayed the first one,

 Those are radish seeds, I have many Asian variety to try this year.
Than I cover them with second part of paper towel and sprayed again.
Folded, put a name an stored in closed contained!

I believe radishes with germinate in 2-3 days, carrots probably later.

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