Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still cold outside

I am tired of waiting, where is the warmth?

We had snow at night again!
Anyway I have so much work to do, I am spending 2-3 hr last days.
There is my second butch of tomatoes , need to be transplanted.
 Basil at last! First time nothing was germinated, this time I used per-sprouted seeds.
 Chard on the windowsill is getting really large!
 My fennel - first time.
 Okra, I loved okra last year on the sunny porch.
 Celery Utah, transplanted and thinned.
 The biggest celery is now 4 inches long.
 Greens on the top room.
 Mostly kohlrabi and broccoli are waiting to be planted outside.
 New container of cilantro.
 Borago - first time!


 Asian greens.

 Yesterday with a help of my husband (thank you!) I added 5 more beds. Some are not finished and under black plastic. I do not turn the soil, just lay fall leaves right on the grass, than homemade compost+soil from woods.
I checked last year bed where I plan to grow carrots this year.  The soil is perfect, as I see, easy to dig, as butter! I just removed old mulch, ad turned the soil. Upper level is almost black, below the soil is more clay-look but can not compare with regular soil I have everywhere.
So my lazy raised bed method is working.
 Signs of sorrel
 I accidentally dump wood ash on the blueberry this winter. Now I am correcting this, removing all old mulch and adding a layer of compost.
 Strawberry Ozark beauty planted in early winter, now covered with black plastic.
 First irregular strawberry bed is cleaned and thinned from runners. There is mostly Ozark Beauty and Allstar. Last year I did not have strawberry, only some of them. So this year (second) I believe I will have a good harvest!


  1. I have been trying to figure out how to put a fence around my garden and it has to be portable. Looking at how you did, made me want to barrow your idea.

  2. Yes, I like it too, may be next year I will add more space to the garden. I put each wooden post 4x4 or 4x2 in concrete block, I even did not add concrete mix there, only rocks. May be posts will rot sooner, but I finished them with weatherproofing stain. Good luck with your project!