Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cold March - One busy day

It is so cold outside! I am freezing.... but as old proverb says - one spring day can feed the whole year.
So I am going outside every day at least for one hour.
And look who was coming to watch me!

 I harvested some of my overwintered carrots,
If was my first try, not the right place and not the right time, but I am still happy.

I cleaned one of the strawberry bed , made it bigger and cover with plastic.

 This is second year plant (from last year runners). It looks happy for me.
 This bead still need to be cleaned.
My radishes in cold frame is green, but slowly. Next time I will insulate the cold frame.
I also - cleaned old mulch under the blueberries, added compost to them.
- made 2 more raised beds from bricks (it takes some cart rides to bring 25 bricks from the shed, than put leaves on the ground, than some carts of soil from woods and compost). I am not feeling cold anymore after card rides!

- planted summer garlic and green peas
- pruned roses very hard. last year I missed the time and they grown tall and not healthy.
- I also found this morning some of my seedlings dead in the basement! It looks some of the insects, like tiny transparent worms, 1-2mm long, just eaten my kohlrabi. May they be cutworms?
I was so upset! I used store seedling mix, but there also other plants with my outside soil, probably I mixed some... I feel so sorry, I sprinkled some DM-earth around each other seedling and pray.

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  1. What a great space you have. Sorry about the little dead ones though. That's a bummer.