Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hoop house and new cold frame

In 2 days the night temperature will be above freezing point. I can not wait! Two hoop houses I have are pretty warm inside +13C+2C.

This is my new hoophouse I added yesterday.
Kale, rutabaga and kohlrabi are good inside.

 Kohlrabi early wienna.

 Kale blue dwarf and rutabaga purple top.
 Mustard and bok choi under frots cover.
 Young greens
 Old hoop house with redbor kale
 and komatzuna mustard.
I made a new bed before the snowstorm, using bricks, fall leaves and black plastic.
Today I added a layer of new soil, transplanted  radishes and sow some new greens -
lettuce black seeded,
lollo rossa,
curled parsley

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