Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Greenhouse Day 3

It was a windy day, very hard to work on a hoophouse.

 My finished structure will be 11 x 16 feet. I could make it longer but I have had lumber by 8 feet and I told myself - "stop! don;t be jealous, 16 feet is enough!"

I have 3/4 inches PVC pipes, 10 feet long, connected by 2. I put a PVC glue, I even add 2 screws , but the pipes did not want to cooperate! Every time I tried to put them on rebars and bend, the middle part was separating.You can see them pointing up!
I was tired so I inserted one rebar inside the joint. It worked. so if the hoops will be staying till tomorrow morning, I will have to buy 3 more rebars.

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