Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry and other berries update

There is my strawberry update 2 weeks after planting.

I added some mulch yesterday, I have a shredder and a big pile of twigs from last fall Irina hurricane, so I do not have straw but I am lucky to make homemade mulch.

 There is my free shaped bed

 and a spiral bed.

Red currant seems to be well, I have 3 of them and all are in little green buds.
 But my raspberries (2 weeks after planting)
 do not show any signs of life.

They  still look like sticks, I added some bone meal when I was planting them and still waiting. I hears they are very hardy

may be later......


  1. Your strawberries are really taking off! I have to move mine from the old plots to the new location. I also need to order some more today as many of mine did not survive.

    Be patient with the new raspberry canes. They may take awhile.

  2. Oh, thank you, I will. I just want everything and right now :)