Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chard pots update 4/10/2012

Spring... so much to do....and a regular work.....I would like to have 48 hr in a day.....

By the way, my swiss chards pots looks good, actually
the mustard greens are bigger and better, but I hope chard will catch up.

 I would like to get more greens!
More chard pots.

 Okra us still inside on a sunny windowsill.

And this is my squash garden - all of them are outside over a week with 34-40F at night.


  1. Nice swiss chard! And your squash is looking good too. I agree that spring is too busy.. I wish I could take off work for gardening!

  2. Nice swiss chard, but I'm surprised you let squash out so early as it usually doesn't tolerate cold and dies off. Like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers squash usually don't get planted until temps are steady above 75. Hope it keeps growing.

  3. Thank you!!!!
    I just do not have space to keep the squashes inside, I let them outside about a week ago, only one night I keep them covered with plastic because of the frost.
    Actually they are good and growing, some of them have side leaves and small buds!

  4. Your greens are coming along nicely. I recently planted mixed salad but they are only just coming up. I'm aiming to get perpetual spinach seed planted in pots this week. All the best, Kelli, Northern Ireland.

  5. Your greens are looking amazing. I hope you enjoy eating them soon!