Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden update - squash and tomatoes

The weather here in New England is back to normal, no more 80s. Last weekend was rainy. Before the rain I had a chance to plant 8 first squashes -
1 black beauty, 4 fordhook, 1 mixed Italian summer squash, 1 autumn cup, 1 pinata, 1 small sugar pumpkin.
 And there is the first flower! This is a black beauty zucchini, and this is a male flower but anyway I am very happy.
On 4/21 I also planted 21 first tomatoes

Beefsteak, Red Siberian, red and yellow pear, sun gold. I have them outside on my balcony over 2 weeks, so they are pretty hardy and  I hope they wil fill better in a soil.
  I added about 2 tbsp bone meal to each hole and planted them till the first leaves. They even have a lot of sucklings!
Today I made trellis for them.
There is my first strawberry! Lucky me!


  1. Your garden is looking very nice! I haven't even planted my zukes or tomatoes out yet. I will plant the zukes and squashes from seed and buy tomato plants. Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  2. Ohm I started all of them in the middle of Feb from seeds. and may be too beg of them. Now I am looking to share them. :)

  3. Amazingly, you are ahead of me! I don't think our squash has blooms on it yet, and I have one tiny strawberry I'm waiting to turn red. You'll be eating good this summer!

  4. I hope you'll cover them all with burlap or rags - this weekend's frost can kill them.