Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cucumbers plating

When I was a child, I though that my grandma is crazy!
She spent so much time growing cukes!
"Open the cover, close the cover, water cukes,  and close them again"....
and that's without the end.
For me at my 10th it was so boring, but she always had have the better the earlier cucumbers on the street.
So almost 30 years gone and this is my first year growing cucumbers!

I have 2 variety -

Homemade pickles started 3/1


Picklebush started 3/12
I planted them again in my homemade soil -  you can see parts of acorns, wood and other organic materials. I am not sure, may be this soil is too heavy for plants, but I can not buy so much soil for all I need.
I will see how it will works.

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