Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Garden Update 4/15/2012 - lot of photos

This is very nice idea to make a garden report.
I am going to start with my seedlings.
That is my balcony, the nights are very warm and I do not cover them.

I started my first tomatoes on Feb-16 and they are growing great,
the second butch are not so tall.

and my eggplants and peppers are very small, I do not know why, may be it was cold for them the first month on the second floor here.

Close up look - eggplants, black beauty and long purple.

Close up look - peppers, mostly california wonder and sweet banana.

Another corner of the balcony - beans, peas, cucumbers and mixed greens and flowers.

Close up look - cucumbers, I think I am going to plant them outside next week, Actually they are outside so there will be not difference in temperature, just more soil around. I hope it is time.

My deck garden, the sunniest part of my backyard - mixed greens container

 more greens, mint....
 more chards.....
 squashes containers
 lemon verbena and baby Asian greens

flowering chives

And last - my small garden view

 greens bed
 kale  (red russian)
 onion and garlic
 broccoli, collard and chives

And the first one!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have to work on the look, clean everything, hide the tools and containers.....
milch, I used shredded twigs on strawberry beds and I hope it nice and works against weeds.


  1. WOW! Everything looks great! I bet you can't wait to get things growing?

  2. Very nice! your pepers and eggplant maybe slow growing because they need at least 70 degree weather to grow - they are very warm loving just like melons, cucumbers and squashes. Usually I don't plant them until mid or late May when it's steady above 75 and at least 65 at night.

  3. This looks great. I agree with Jenny regarding waiting till the weather is in the 70's.


  4. Ok, thank you!
    I just can't wait! I will plant them in late May, and I just watered them with light fish emulsion. Just comparing with tomatoes, they are so slowly and were started around the same weeks. I can not wait to eat everything! I am so happy with greens I can make salad from!

  5. Your tomatoes look fabulous! And I love that garden view. Very nice.