Monday, May 11, 2015

Greenhouse update May 8

Last fall I was renovating/rebuilding my hoop-house.
First it was simple PVC hoop-house with regular , not greenhouse plastic, wich did not survive the winter snow.
I decided to make completely new wooden greenhouse.
First of all - I am not a builder and my hubby can't help me. It is in my blood how to handle the hammer, I believe -my grandparents were farmers. 

 Greenhouse is 24 feet by 12 feet, it is also on a slope what makes me life more difficult.
I was hoping to finish it before winter 2014-2015 but hurt my finger very badly so I stopped and only salad, onions and some asian greens survived there.
 This spring is very fast,everything suppose to be done by yesterday! And I have about 1 hr a day to work in a garden, so building process is slow.
 There is an entrance - bricks raised beds, new compost, pine shaving between.
I/m cleaning it from the front will the end side.
 There is a lettuce and onions from last fall.
 My first goal is to make a good roof support and I will not be covering the GH with plastic till fall probably, do not have time for it.
On the very back of the GH I decided to make a tall raised bed for probably squashes or cuces. Right now there are leaves from clean-up, I will add compost and plant something.
The back side is still a mess.


  1. ты сама, одна строишь теплицу? ну ты ваще!

  2. Ну да....муж считает это моей причудью, вто я и развлекаюсь!