Saturday, May 2, 2015

Plating first tomatoes, oka and potatoes

 The spring weather turns out to be a summer very fast, we missed 50s and came to 70s in one week. I decided not to plant radishes but tomatoes.

 and some oka (white and pink) beneath the large tomatoes plants.
 The new bed in the middle with the strawberries bed on the left and carrot bed on the right.
 Baby basil
 I also had some store-bough organic potatoes that sprouted, I planted them in post and they grew huge. I found the small bed for them.
 newly planted potatoes.
 This year I am a big fan of pine shavings.
I want to cover all the beds and all the passes to prevent weeds and dry soil.
 Strawberry is started to bloom, so lovely.
 My 3-years old red currants are blooming this year!

Other plants like cabbages are doing pretty well too.

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