Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Greenhouse update May 20th

Again I found time to work with lumber - my greenhouse.
I planted cuces and squashes on the back raised bed, but it needs roof support and trellis.

All photos are without retouching, the work in progress and mess is huge!

Rear raised bed before - it is about 24" high. I loaded the bed with old leaves, twigs, than compost, peat moss, some sand, few lime stone.

 Welcomed guest!

Pine shaving everywhere.
I did not cover the areas where I planted cuces and squashes.

The little opening on the ground between the bricks - sprinkler system head. I am not sure yet if it will be good for the greenhouse or not.
View on the right.
Roof support and future trellis support.
 View on the left.
You can see the wooden frame I put on the blocks to make the whole construction more stability.
 That's how it is look like now.
 Still a lot of work, but plants are growing and it gives me hope that I can finish the project.

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