Monday, May 4, 2015

Harvest Monday 5/4/2015

Today my harvest (except the greens) is unusual:
Japanese knotweed of the left and asparagus on the right.

Japanese knotweed is a common weed but also a tasty edible treat in spring.
In the early spring, Japanese knotweed looks like an army of nondescript fat, green, red-flecked stalks poking up from the ground. I am not growing them, only discovered them last fall on the edge of the plot. I was using Japanese knotweed tincture and ordered some dried roots for making it.
Of course after I made an order, I found free plants.
When the shots are young, they taste like rhubarb, or spinach and sorrel. 
I ate them raw but it also can be steamed as asparagus.

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  1. Wowsers. It looks just like a prettier version of asparagus.

  2. How cool! You learn something new every day! Congrats on your harvests :-)

  3. We have a lot of that weed around here. Way too much of it. But I'd be pretty worried about picking it near Alewife brook where it grows rampant. That stream is so polluted. My yard soil is safe enough, but it doesn't grow here.