Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mid April garden update

Warm days, cold nights, my greenhouse thermometer shows only +2C minimum.
But we are not afraid of cold anymore!

Strawberries are good on the black top.

 Garlic - green and tall.
 More garlic,  kohlrabi and baby kale.
Overwintered boc choi.
 Overwintered blue kale
 Radish bed, big leaves but no radishes yet.
 Baby asian greens.
 Celery, may be it is too cold for them.
 Inside the greehhouse. Left - peppers and cucumbers (not germinated yet), right tomatoes and flowers and trays.
 Even +2C (+35.5 F) does not make my peppers feel sad.
 Cucumber - experiment started inside at 1/1/2013. The cuce is 1-1/2 inches now.
 Peppers row.
 Tomatoes - may be too narrow, 1-2 feet space between.
 I planted them almost horizontally, adding some bone meal to the hole.
 Those first tomatoes were planted 3 days ago and now they are standing almost up.
 Baby basil - cute!
 Spinach - can't wait to eat.
 Baby lemon balm - cute too.

Zinnias and teddy sunflowers.

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