Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I did it ...before the rain! or greenhouse day 4

I did it!
There should be rainy and much cooler days and I wanted the finish my greenhouse, at least I can work inside.
And there were a lot of green waiting for transplalting before the rains - like those winter -sowed tat soy.

 There is a door frame.
 I add a bout 1 inch space between the walls and door frame for extra insulation.
 And celery and fennel are waiting for me.
 Lettuces and mustard.
 I also added string support to reduce wind flapping.
 Meanwhile red currant grows such nice shots!
Green peas are coming!

So back to the door! I had some old laminate floor panels, I cut it to 6 equal triangles.

The frame is ready, I covered the screws with duck tape

 The last minute before the next chore - I added door hinges and  - the door is (almost) ready.

I need the door knob, insulation,  upper and lower parts and may be more later, but I am ready to work  inside tomorrow when the rain will start!

Can you believe I never did something like this! This is my first project such big (and a garden fence too)

For the greenhouse project I used the ideas from

Thank you!!!


  1. I want a greenhouse! It looks great.

  2. It was very good! And in our area is still snow! I still grow seedlings. Plant will be in May in the open ground.