Sunday, April 7, 2013

Garden update -April

 Th hoop house is almost ready! Those days are so windy, it is very hard to work.

I need to add more support to the roof, the door and ventilation.

 Th hoop house is 11 feet wide, and I made the beds wide too.

It was 20 C today inside and only 12 C outside and very windy.

This is my winter sowed spinach, some root were so long!
 I planted them with kitchen-window-parley inside.

 Outside in the garden some greens are good, some not. This is boc choi, very nice one.
 Transplanted radishes do not forming bulbs, only red root.
 Napa cabbage grows twice bigger in one week!
Green bed - some of them are bolting. :(

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