Monday, April 6, 2015

Harvest Monday 4/6/2015

My harvest today is some of the volunteer garlic.
Last year I planted some bulbs here and there to deter deers and also some of the small bulbs I probably missed to harvest. And now I have volunteers everywhere.

 The whole garlic bed, planted in different time.

 Overwintered lettuce and asian cabbage.

The first of the bulbs.

Green peas planted a week ago.

Shared at: Daphne’s Dandelions “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest or how they are using their harvests for the week.


  1. I love green garlic. I used some in soup last night.

  2. I tend to let my garlic volunteers come up wherever they want although it does make for a messy garden as I try to plant "around them". I should probably pull up a few ...

  3. Volunteers make some of the BEST harvest - and the least amount of work! ;-)

  4. You aren't that much father south than I am, but I'm just starting to plant this week. Before the garden was frozen solid. Some of it still is.

  5. Oh Daphne, I am always reading your blog and this year would like to follow your schedule.It is just happened this year that the garden was clean of snow yearly and my hands are just eager to work in the soil