Sunday, March 29, 2015

Starting a first square foot bed

Some of the backyard in covered with snow, but the garden is full of spring sun. The forecast says there will be very mild night and good days like 40-50F.

So I decided to make One Good Raised Bed :)
I usually have 1-2 layers of  old bricks beds, but this one suppose to be a good example. I hope.

Last year it was a parsnip bed, parsnips were good but short and "hairy". I checked the soil - 4 inches of good loose organic soil and than red clay with rocks.

 No miracle the roots were not able to form. (I am gardening only 3 years and couldn't make all the beds fertile).
So I weeded, added lime, peat moss, "black kow", sand, urea fertilizer, 2x4 scrap woods and grid out of cord.

The first transplants are - spinach, chard, salad mix and Asian mix. I also sowed radishes and more spinach.
On the other bed with trellis (last year tomato trellis) I transplanted green peas - Lincoln.
All the plants we watered with warm water and covered with 2 sheets of row cover.

I have more peas transplants and I will wait till the first rows will survive.

Wishing everyone a nice spring gardening!

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