Friday, May 3, 2013

Peppers under cover

The weather is good and I decided to plant my peppers suing new technique.

I have had 8  types of peppers seedling, not very big and strong
 I made a raised bed this spring - leaves over the grass, compost and some soil, abot 2 month this bed was covered with black plastic to make composting faster and soil warmer.

So I cut an X hole....

 Added more soil+compost mix under the plastic...

 Planted peppers (sometimes I had 2 seedlings, I probably have to remove one)....

 PVC hoops in positions.....

 And white row cover on top!
The temperature at night sometimes is +4C  or 35F, but the peppers are doing good.

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  1. There's a lady down the road that does this and her garden is always full and wonderful. Good luck and happy planting.