Monday, April 28, 2014

Harvest Monday April 28 2014

And so it's begins!
 It is not much and not every day, but it is a start!

 Garden view from the deck.
Still a lot of work.
 Container greens

 Cold frame greens

 I planted most of the kale on black fabric this year.

 and most of the new strawberries.
 And I am growing the Andean tubers the first year, I am so excited!
This one is mashua.
 This is ulluco, just started.
And 2 types of oca (oxalis tuberosa) - Hopin and Sunset.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The First Ones!

 A lot of work in a garden done and time spent. And I get rewards! The First Ones:

The first asparagus, I am growing it 3rd year now and expecting  a yummy harvest this year.
 The first Rhubarb.
 The first Horseradish
 The first raised bed pest cover,for kale.
 Trellis for peas, not first, made of old bamboo poles, but I made more spider web crossing out of strings, to make then more solid.
 The green peas are not ready to climb yet, I guese we need some warm nights.
 Spring frost protection for young strawberries.
Frame support for 3 years old red currant bushes.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wildlife inspection in spring garden

 Sunny April day - I was working on my herbs-flower beds. Last year there were 3 tiny - 1x1/2 feet patches - this year I made a big one along the fence.
 Tansy herb - happy and green.
 I also transplanted volunteer chives there.
 New roses - new buds.
 The garden beds are starting to be nicer, less messy.
 Fennel planted.
 New bed for peppers - garden soil + lime + compost + peat moss + black plastic and one month waiting.
 Red currant after nitrogen spray.
 Kale and kohlrabi were planted this week.
 Kale bed - this year on black plastic
 First green peas
 More braccicas.
 19+ containers with herbs and greens.
and at last wildlife inspections!
All the greens should be yummy and tasty.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 2014 - slow spring

Every time I want to take a camera -there is almost nothing to report!
The spring is so sloooooow. It was the first week when the soil became workable and I planted peas, greens and bare-root strawberries.

Mulch work on the front beds - half done!
 The first ones!
 So many beds to clean - so many things to do. I wish I had 4 arms or  48 hr/day
 Cold frame greens.
 New planted Asian cabbages.
 Garlic bed after cleaning and fertilizing with "Urea".
 Asian greens
 Spring cabbage

Mulch again