Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wildlife inspection in spring garden

 Sunny April day - I was working on my herbs-flower beds. Last year there were 3 tiny - 1x1/2 feet patches - this year I made a big one along the fence.
 Tansy herb - happy and green.
 I also transplanted volunteer chives there.
 New roses - new buds.
 The garden beds are starting to be nicer, less messy.
 Fennel planted.
 New bed for peppers - garden soil + lime + compost + peat moss + black plastic and one month waiting.
 Red currant after nitrogen spray.
 Kale and kohlrabi were planted this week.
 Kale bed - this year on black plastic
 First green peas
 More braccicas.
 19+ containers with herbs and greens.
and at last wildlife inspections!
All the greens should be yummy and tasty.

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