Monday, May 12, 2014

Harvest Monday - May 12 2014

The very first alpine strawberry!

I am growing alpines "Golden Alexandria" the first year, I got 25 plants last month, most of them with flowers.

In general - we are starting to eat greens regularly, I mean every day. It is not much yet, leaf here, leaf there, but still counts.

I got 2 first radishes today, and they are so small! I do not have luck growing them, they always bolted.

 An there are some more pictures from May's garden.

I built new trellis for Italian tomatoes last weekend. My beds are on the slope and at the end of the summer my bamboo trellises are usually folding down.
 So I made "something" stronger and taller. Tomatoes here are Roma, Viva Italia and some of the Striped cavern.
 I like how my kale bed is looks like, I sprinkled some of the iron bites this spring to get rig of snails that always make me crazy.
 My oversized tomatoes is doing so-so,
lower leaves are yellow, top leave are good, green and strong.
 Yesterday my mom called me and asked - where is your cuces? and really&
I have only 8 plants.
 Cuces are on the left, borago are on the rights.
So I planted more, CHinahlong, Palace King, Suyo and Spacemaster.

Blueberries are blooming.

 Peppers too! Can you see the little bud? I planted them out last week on the black fabric.

Strawberries are good, blooming.

 My garden looks more like vertical now.

 I am not happy with my beets, they germinated poorly, I believe I will overseed them this week. I have some in left container here.

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  1. Your garden looks so beautiful now! It really has expanded!

  2. The kale bed looks very nice. Mine is bolting right now. Hopefully I'll get some side shoots before I have to take the plants down.

  3. Congrats on your first strawberry! It looks delicious. I have problems with radishes bolting too. They seem to do better for me in the fall. Our springs always go from cold to hot way too quickly.