Monday, December 10, 2012

Harvest Monday 12/10/2012

I am so happy I have my garden!

My harvest today - one turnip and one young daikon radish (my first one, I planted them in September).

And I also harvest all the greens every day. We recently started a raw diet and all my greens are helping me to make different healthy salads.
 Komatsuna mustard and parsley - tender and fresh.
 Tat soy - dark green and crispy.
 Toscano kale
 Parsley and radish in gold frame
Bok choi

 Chinese cabbage, lettuce  and bok choi

See other harvests at daphne’s dandelions!


  1. Everything is so beautiful, so lush and green!

  2. Your greens look perfect! I have a few growing under cover, but not nearly as many as it seems you have!!! Good planning!

  3. Wonderful selection of greens, you've some yummy meals ahead!

  4. Thank you! I even share greens with friends.