Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday and August garden

The garden looks wild and bushy, I was on vacation and spent a lot of time on my works doing big order to Spain.
I am picking tomatoes early before they getting red, the plant are heavy overloaded with them.
 Squashes come ouf of the garden
 Here I am!
 Banana peppers bed
 Basil, Chard and other herbs
 Beats and red cabbage
 Kale and cuces.
 Cherry plum tomatoes.
 Eggplants almost ready.
 Tomatoes jungle


And I do not care!

See what others have harvested at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Beautiful! Everything looks so lush and green and loaded with veggies. Love your kitty :)

  2. I ordered banana peppers for next year's garden. I can hardly wait! Everything looks really nice.

  3. I also currently have a tomato jungle. My two rows have grown together at the top and one cherry in a pot is now growing over and blocking the entry to the garden.

  4. Yes, everything needs time and our hands. I wish I could have 10 hands to do all I want!