Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's wrong with my garlic?

My first time of growing garlic here. Yes, it was store bought garlic, and I planted it in December, may be too late,

The plants were pretty happy before and now the stacks are thin and laying on the ground, some leaves are yellow, but there is no sign of big disease. I checked the bulbs, they are deep, small but look good.
My be it was not the right garlic to plant?
There is no scapes, I know not every garlic develop scapes.
There was a lot of rain this month.....
Any suggestions? Thank you!

And there is other news from my garden

Today our turtle was coming to visit - she is coming every year to lay eggs on my front yard!
It is very funny, first my husband took her back to the forest and it is about 50 yards!

 And she came back the next day, probably was going the whole night. Than we left her alone and she was trying to lay eggs every year. Last fall I even found a little one in a leaf pile!
My cat is looking at her.

 Bees are coming too, not only turtles.
 Hydrangea flowers are small now,  but the whole bush will be very big this year. I guess I need to add more sulfur.

Good Luck to You and Your gardens!

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  1. Looks like garlic had enough of the growing and by turning yellow it's telling you to pull it out. Check what variety grows better in your area and plant in the fall with alot of compost to make it strong.