Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden, Rain and Slugs....

It is a beautiful rainy morning, everything in garden in wet and growing.
Actually I did not write a long time, more than 2 weeks, there is nothing special, we are eating greens each day, I even give some green to my neighbors.
So it may be my garden updates -

Garden in the rain
 Some of the tomatoes were little damaged by frost.
 Green bed - komatsuna, onion, arugula, chicory.

 Strawberry is starting to change color.
 Chives, garlic, cilantro, chocory.
 Kale - red russian
 Tomatoes bed again

 And some of may tomatoes are on the deck in containers. Small containers in front are with peppers and eggplants.
 First buds!
 Pepper have some flowers too.

 Can you see a bud?

Greens, greens more greens - lettuces, chard, komatsuna - I just love the leaves! Bok choi,
 Rain, and that silly squash is flowering! Where are the bees?
 Lemon verbena, for tea.

And in this nice and wet morning I found  ----


About 15 if them,
I put them in a salty water, how salty it should be?
They want to get out!!!!


  1. I love your garden! I love how you've arranged and designed your beds, not all boring squares and rectangles like mine!

    Everything is so green and beautiful. I hope the slugs died and didn't escape. You can actually put them in salt without the water to kill them.

    Oh, I came from daphne's dandelions and ended up scrolling down to this post!

  2. Love your raised beds and container gardens! I've been trying to grow a green thumb, and each year I learn that I don't know much. Happy Gardening!